AdWords Editor for Mac 9.7.1

AdWords Editor for Mac 9.7.1


Size:30.3 MB

Date Added:03 January, 2013

Author: Google

Category: Business



Now, you can download your AdWords account to your computer, make all the changes you want, then upload your revised campaigns. AdWords Editor is a powerful application designed to make large numbers of changes quickly.

Any Google AdWords advertiser with any size account can use it, but the application is particularly useful for advertisers with multiple campaigns and long lists of keywords or placements.


Work from your desktop:
TE Download your entire AdWords account and make changes locally.

Navigate easily:
TE Select a campaign or Ad Group (or your entire AdWords account) and search or view account details for what you selected.

Sort and view statistics:
TE Once you've selected one or more campaigns or Ad Groups, browse your keywords, ad text, negative keywords, and account performance statistics.

Add, edit, and delete:
TE Make changes to your budget, Ad Groups, ad text, keywords, CPCs, URLs, and more.

Make bulk changes:
TE Copy and paste lists of keywords or text ads into AdWords Editor's bulk changes wizard.

TE Search your entire account for matches among your keywords and ad text. Then make bulk changes. For example, with just a few clicks, find all the keywords that contain the word 'chocolate' and adjust their maximum CPCs.

Check for errors:
TE When you post your changes, AdWords Editor will flag potential policy violations, such as using the call-to-action phrase 'click here' in an ad. You'll be able to correct these errors before your ads go live on Google.

Upload changes to AdWords:
TE Once you've made changes to your account, upload those changes to AdWords.

Export a snapshot:
TE Save a delimited file with your AdWords account information and show it to a colleague or keep it for reference.

Auto update:
TE You'll always have the latest version of AdWords Editor, because Google automatically notifies you when updates are released.

Work offline:
TE Edit your account on your computer, then post your changes to your account whenever you're ready.

Manage multiple accounts:
TE Store and make changes to client accounts using your My Client Center account.

Copy and Paste:
TE Move campaigns, Ad Groups, ads, and keywords from one location to another.

Work collaboratively:
TE Export your changes and send to other AdWords Editor users for review. Track their comments about the changes, then review their changes before posting.

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista

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